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Phil at the Winter Music Conference (Miami 2000.)

Phil Dickerson


This site started off as a tribute to honor one of our friends in the music industry, Phillip E. Dickerson.

Phillip was a lifelong DJ and one of the oldest ad most respected Billboard reporters in the dance music industry. From south Philadelphia, PA where he worked in the daytime at the United States Post Office, he shared his true love and passion as a nightclub DJ spinning music for over 25 years. Specifically, he loved house music, especially garage and underground house music. "Soulful vocals", he always said. Sadly Phillip passed away suddenly in January 2001. I wanted to honor his legacy and contribution to the music industry as well as serve as a place where those who knew him can leave their thoughts and great photos.

Paying tribute to our pioneers!

I discovered there are few sites on the Internet honoring these "unsung" heroes of the disco/dance music world so I have added Rick Squillante and the man who started it all by redefining the modern nightclub DJ, Francis Grasso. In the future we will strive to include more DJ's and those in the dance music industry who have left us but haven't...since they forever impacted our lives. They will never be truly gone because their influences touched so many of us and we carry them on in our spirit. If there is someone you think we should feature let us know. Also check the links section to find other resources already on the Internet. If you have a humorous story or pictures you would like to share, please email us.

John England, 01/2001 - 06/2007